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  1. Do I get to choose my site?
    No, however, you are more than welcome to make a request for site #, type, area, etc. We do not guarantee that we will meet all requests, but we work very hard to please you.
  2. Why is my site request not guaranteed?
    We cannot guarantee site numbers or types simply because we need to retain the ability to move reservations around in order to fill capacity, while still trying to meet EVERYONE's request.
  3. Why and how much do you charge for visitors of registered campers?
    Our visitor's fee is $5.00 per person, per day. We have to charge for visitors because our facilities are built to accommodate only a certain number of guests. Excess people cause strains on restrooms, pools, utilities, and other facilities. By paying a visitors fee, your guests are welcome to participate in all campground activities and use all facilities.
  4. Can I put up a tent on my site, with my RV? ​​​Tents may be put up on a site occupied by an RV, only for children under the age of 18.  Extra adults MAY NOT stay in a tent on a site already occupied by an RV. 
  5. Are there fish in the pond?
    Yes. In fact, we stock the pond so that children under the age of 18 may fish. Children may keep up to 2 per day, or catch and release.
  6. Do you sell bait?
    No. However, we have fish with refined palates. They perfer hotdogs, marshmallows, canned corn, bacon, etc. If you do want live bait, the office can direct you to the closest retailer.
  7. If my kids are fishing, can I fish too?
    While it might be tempting, please leave the fishing to the kids.
  8. Do you have internet available?
    We are pleased to provide FREE WiFi throughout the park.
  9. I see check-in/check-out time is 2:00 p.m. Can I come early/stay later?
    We are happy to accommodate early check-ins, as long as the site is already vacated by the previous tenant. However, please be mindful to the fact that the site may be occupied by a previous tenant until 2:00p.m. Arriving early does not get you a "better site". Late departures are welcome only during out off-season at a rate of $5.00 per hour past 2:00. Sorry, we cannot allow late departures during July and August. If you are interested in an early check-in or late departure, please inquire with the office.
  10. Can we bring our own firewood?
    UPDATE: June 3, 2016 - Outside firewood is NOT allowed to be brought into the park due to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Firewood may be purchased on-site upon arrival, and throughout your stay.