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Booking Policies & Dates to Remember

Camping Reservations

Reservations are accepted a season in advance. That means we begin accepting reservations for the following camping season, every April 1. (ie. Reservations for 2020 are accepted beginning April 1, 2019)

To book for July or August of the next camping season, you must book and maintain at least 7 nights.

Holiday reservations must meet a 3 night minimum.

If you prefer a stay that is less than 7 nights in July or August, we begin accepting those reservations December 1.  (ie. December 1, 2019 we accept less than week long reservations for July or August of 2020).  


All reservations require a deposit be paid.  (See cancellation policy here)

Seasonal Wait List

The Seasonal Wait List is capped at 200 names.  Every April 1, the list will reopen for adding names, until we reach the 200 name cap.  

Long Stay (Monthly Stay) Wait List

A new Long Stay Wait List is created each year, beginning on January 1.  (ie. January 1, 2020, we begin compling a wait list for the 2021 camping season).  If you are not an existing Long Stay Camper, and are looking for a month or longer stay, you can request to be added to the wait list each year.